Hoshizaki Filters

Hoshizaki Lancer Water Filters are designed to keep ice machines functioning at full capacity, improve their efficiency and extend their life. The high capacity fibron carbon block eliminates sediment, particles, tastes and odours.

Hoshizaki Accessories

Model Number Specifications Order Code
Filter System – HLF10 Starter pack = Standard 320mm cartridge / bracket & head. Suits: up to 75kg production 87000104
Filter System – HLF20 Starter Pack = Large Capacity 450mm cartridge / bracket & head. Suits: 80kg to 250kg production 87000105
Filter System- HLF33 Starter Pack = High Capacity twin 450mm cartridge / bracket & head. Suits: above 250kg production 87000123
Filter Cartridge – HLFC10 Replacement cartridge only – standard capacity 320mm 87000106
Filter Cartridge – HLFC20 Replacement cartridge only – high capacity 450mm 87000107
Water Drain Pump Drain pump – used when drain is high: 350L/h @ 4 metre rise 78000098
KM Installation Kit Water supply hose and PVC tube drain for KM515 and above 6000036

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