Koolaire K0500A Modular Ice Machine

$5,150.00 $3,832.00 Ex-GST

These ice machines are intended for use in applications such as:

  • Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other work environments
  • Clients in hotels, motels, farmhouses, bed and breakfast and other residential type environments
  • Catering and similar non-retail applications

Easy access to food zone with removal of two screws and lift-off door

High-tech exterior with smudge and fingerprint resistant stainless-like finish

White plastics in the food zone help identify areas needing cleaning

Water shield, distribution tube, pump, floats, and trough removable by hand

Available CleanAir™ pack controls the growth of bacteria and fungi that form slime and cause odors in the food zone

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Koolaire K0500A Modular Ice Machine

Koolaire ice machines by Manitowoc are designed from the ground up to meet your operational demands for a worry-free, simple-to-use, basic ice machine, but that doesn’t mean Manitowoc cut corners on quality.

Instead, they used a combination of engineering experience and manufacturing expertise to create an affordable, reliable ice machine at a price that’s well within reach.

Manitowoc didn’t cut corners on ease-of-use, cleaning or maintenance either. There are only three controls you need: On, Off and Clean. And for cleaning, access to the evaporator and food zone is simple with the removal of just two screws and an easy, lift-off door.

On the outside, Koolaire ice machines feature a high-tech stainless-like finish that has been engineer-tested with superior corrosion resistance. The best part is that it’s smudge and fingerprint resistant, so it stays cleaner-looking, longer. And, when it needs to be cleaned, a mild detergent is all it takes – no special cleaner required!

Koolaire modular “Kube” ice machines are available in three convenient sizes, 22″, 30″ and 48″ with 7 different production ranges from 134kgs to 539kgs of ice production per day.

And Koolaire is made by America’s #1 selling brand of ice machine, Manitowoc Ice. Manufacturing quality and experience you can depend on.

Which is why when it’s an affordable, reliable ice machine you need, you can count on Koolaire.

KOOLAIRE by Manitowoc:

Model Number Ice Min 24hr Ice Production Head Only Order Code Power


21 Air / 10 Water 32 Air / 21 Water Dimensions

H x W x D cm

K0250 F 134kg 98kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KD0250A 10amp
H 134kg 102kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KY0250A 10amp
K0350 F 162kg 132kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KD0350A 10amp
H 163kg 136kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KY0350A 10amp
K0420 F 176kg 132kg 55 x 56 x 63 KOO_KD0420A 10amp
H 166kg 141kg 55 x 56 x 63 KOO_KY0420A 10amp
K0500 F 214kg 169kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KD0500A 10amp
H 226kg 178kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KY0500A 10amp
K0600 F 260kg 225kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KD0600A 10amp
H 256kg 219kg 55 x 76 x 62 KOO_KY0600A 10amp
K1000 F 392kg 332kg 75 x 76 x 63 KOO_KD1000A 15amp
H 421kg 338kg 75 x 76 x 63 KOO_KY1000A 15amp
K1000 Remote F 360kg 348kg 75 x 76 x 63 KOO_KD1000N 15amp
K1350 F 649kg 479kg 75 x 122 x 63 KOO_KD1350A 20amp
H 670kg 498kg 75 x 122 x 63 KOO_KY1350A 20amp
K1350 Remote F 640kg 523kg 75 x 122 x 63 KOO_KD1350N 20amp Hard Wired


F – Full Dice

H – Half Dice

Ice Storage Bins to Suit: KOOLAIRE (by Manitowoc)

Model Number Storage Capacity To Suit Dimensions

HxWxD cm

Order Code
K420 141kg To Suit: K0420 127(h)x56(w)x86(d) KOO_K420
K570* 195kg To Suit: K00250, K0350, K420*, K0500, K0600, K1000


*Requires adapter plate: K-00443

127(h)x76(w)x86(d) KOO_K570
K970** 322kg To suit: K0250**, K0420*, K0600**, K1000**, K1350



*Requires adapter plate: K-00444

**Requires adapter plate: K-00370

127(h)x122(w)x86(d) KOO_K970

ADAPTOR PLATES to Suit: KOOLAIRE (by Manitowoc)

Model Number To Suit Order Code
K-00370 Adaptor Plate for Ice Machines I450-I1200 (A970V Bin) & K600 K1000 (K970 Bin) MAN_K00370
K-00443 Adaptor Plate for Ice Machine K00420 (K570 bin) K-00443

Additional information

Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 863 × 762 × 1815 mm

KOO_KD0500A, KOO_KY0500A


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