NEO UnderCounter Ice Cube Machine QM45

$3,430.00 $2,470.00

The QM-45 compact ice cube machine is ideal for small-volume ice production, for limited use needs, or as a back up for larger machines.

The petite size makes this machine ideal for an on-the-spot installation at a coffee shop, stadium box, refreshment break area, or wherever a limited ice need requires equipment with a small footprint.

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NEO UnderCounter Ice Cube Machine QM45

  • Compact size. Ideal for any small-volume ice need.
  • Clean, crisp, coordinated interior.
  • AlphaSan® in key internal components to extend time between cleanings.
  • Flat, right-angle plug for easier installation in tight spaces.
  • Attractive stainless steel cabinet
  • Easy access door, slides up & out of the way.
  • Patented cleaning and sanitizing technology.
  • Easy access air filter designed for longer operation in greasy and dusty environments.
  • Front air intake and exhaust.
  • CFC-FREE R-134A refrigerant.
  • Manitowoc proven vertical evaporator using proprietary technology – made in Manitowoc, WI.
  • Computerized control.
Model Number Ice Storage Capacity Min 24hr Ice Production Dimensions

H x W x D cm

Order Code Power


21 Air / 10 Water 32 Air / 21 Water
QM45 F 14kg 40kg 28kg 92 x 50 x 57 MAN_QM45 10amp
U140 F 40kg 55kg 41kg 98 x 66 x 71 MAN_UD0140A 10amp
H 40kg 55kg 41kg 98 x 66 x 71 MAN_UY0140A 10amp
U190 F 36kg 79kg 60kg 98 x 66 x 71 MAN_UD0190A 10amp
H 36kg 79kg 60kg 98 x 66 x 71 MAN_UY0190A 10amp
U240 F 36kg 87kg 68kg 98 x 66 x 71 MAN_UD0240A 10amp
H 36kg 87kg 68kg 98 x 66 x 71 MAN_UY0240A 10amp
U310 F 45kg 132kg 103kg 98 x 76.2 x 72 MAN_UD0310A 10amp
H 45kg 135kg 107kg 98 x 76.2 x 72 MAN_UY0310A 10amp
R 45kg 120kg 93kg 98 x 76.2 x 72 MAN_UR0310A 10amp
Standard Legs supplied with all models (set of 4) (adjustable) 15.24 – 20.33
Optional low profile legs (set of 4) (adjustable) Height 3cm K00445


F – Full Dice

H – Half Dice

R – Regular Dice

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 567 × 500 × 914 mm


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