ALFA NG80 A Self-Contained Ice Cube Maker

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  • 80kg ice cube production in 24 hours.
  • Produces pure and clear, solid ice cubes with no ridges or hollows.
  • Perfectly separated and consistent in size.
  • 35kg ice storage capacity.
  • Easy access external operational switches.
  • Strong solid AISI 304 stainless steel box-type frame. Easy servicing without disassembling the whole machine.
  • Patented robust folding door with noise reduction system.
  • Flexible nozzle spray system to reduce build up of limescale.
  • Front and rear ventilation system allows machine to be built-in (ventilation clearances required).
  • Cleaning switch allows circulation of water with descaling product (calklin or similar).
  • Tropical T Class compressors suitable for use in environments up to 43°C ambient.
  • ITV designed motor pump, no seals to avoid deterioration.
  • Designed to allow easy disassembly and servicing for minimal disruption.
  • 2 year warranty.

Specification Sheet

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ALFA NG80 A Self-Contained Ice Cube Maker

ALFA NG80 A Self-Contained Ice Cube Maker

  • Refrigerant / Charge: R452A
  • Electrical Power (kW): 0.78
  • Current draw (Amps): 3.30

Ice production per 24 hour cycle (kg)

Water Temperature
10°C 15°C 21°C 30°C
Ambient Temp 10°C 87 86 75 63
21°C 81 80 69 56
32°C 73 72 62 49
43°C 55 54 44 31

Ice cube storage capacity

  • 35kg

Ice cubes per cycle

  • 60

Ice Cube Dimensions

  • 39mm (W) x 27mm (d) x 30mm (h)

Cabinet dimensions

*Excludes 105-155mm adjustable leg heights

  • Height 945mm*
  • Width 715mm
  • Depth 595mm
  • Floor area 0.43m2
  • Weight 63kg

Additional information

Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 715 × 595 × 945 mm


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