B25 Ice Storage Bin

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B25 Storage Bin
Polyurethane interior & exterior.

Suitable for:

ICE0305, ICE0405, ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 and ICE1005.

B25: 762mm wide x 787mm deep x 711mm high (with legs)

3 years

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B25 Ice Storage Bin

B25 Ice Storage Bin

Specification Sheet

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MODEL NO Storage Capacity Suits Ice Maker:
Storage Bins – Ice O Matic
B25 110kg ICE0305, ICE0405, ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 & ICE1005
B40 156kg ICE0305ICE0405ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 ICE1005
B42 160kg ICE0325 & ICE0525 only
B55 232kg ICE0305ICE0405ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 ICE1005
B110 388kg ICE1405
CIB230 232kg ICE0305ICE0405ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 ICE1005
CIB400 400kg ICE1405
Cube Dispensers – Ice O Matic
CD40522 55kg ICE0325 ICE0525
CD40530 81kg ICE0305ICE0405 & ICE0605
CD40530JF 81kg ICE0305ICE0405 & ICE0605
  • Multiple bin tops provide an easy solution for mounting ice makers on different sized bins.
  • Polyethylene bin liner is insulated with foam for maximum ice preservation – 38mm to 76mm.
  • Perfect-fit seal for improved ice preservation.
  • Rugged, fingerprint-proof door.
  • Built-in ice scoop holders on certain models.
  • Sturdy leg design – 152mm adjustable NSF approved legs -standard.
  • Durable stainless finish.
  • Corrosion-proof bin liner.
  • Made in U.S.A

Additional information

Dimensions 762 × 787 × 711 mm


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