Brema HIKU26A 13g Artisan Crystalline Cube 27kg Storage Plus Dispenser

$4,870.00 $3,640.00 Ex-GST

Brema’s Special Series HIKU26A 13g Ice Cube Maker produces 22kg per day of artisan crystalline ice cubes with 7kg of storage capacity while also featuring an ice dispenser. The elegant and impactful 13g Cube maximises profits by holding its temperature and melts vastly slower than its competitors, meaning your beverage on the rocks truly stays on the rocks.




  • 26kg per day ice production, 7kg of storage plus optical sensor ice dispenser
  • Electromechanical operation that does not use Printed Circuit Boards
  • Designed to be installed on a bench or a stainless steel Brema HIKU TOWER
  • Air cooling system is rated at 21°C ambient and 15°C water
  • Stainless steel spray arms and internal filters are all detachable


  • Comes with its own water filter & pressure limiting valve, saving you over $300
  • No tools required or panels removed to clean spray arms and filters, meaning quick easy cleaning
  • 21°C ambient and 15°C water ratings give an accurate production average for the Australian climate
  • individual cube moulds gradually build cubes as it freezes for long lasting crystalline cubes
  • Utilises an optical sensor to dispense the ice making it completely hands-free

Additional information

Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 530 × 395 × 790 mm


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