CD40530 Cube Ice Dispenser

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CD40530 Cube Ice Dispenser
(Does not include ice machine)

Power clean allows access to the bin for easy cleaning without moving the ice machine. Great for food safety.

Turbo Dispense. 102mm foam insulation for maximum ice preservation.

Water option available.

Storage Capacity

Stores up to 81kg of ice.

10 amp
CD40530: 762mm wide x 851mm deep x 1353mm high


3 years parts & labour

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CD40530 Cube Ice Dispenser

CD40530 Cube Ice DispenserSpecification Sheet
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MODEL NO Storage Capacity Suits Ice Maker:
Storage Bins – Ice O Matic
B25 110kg ICE0305, ICE0405, ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 & ICE1005
B40 156kg ICE0305, ICE0405, ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 & ICE1005
B42 160kg ICE0325 & ICE0525 only
B55 232kg ICE0305, ICE0405, ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 & ICE1005
B110 388kg ICE1405
CIB230 232kg ICE0305, ICE0405, ICE0605, ICE0805, ICE0855 & ICE1005
CIB400 400kg ICE1405
Cube Dispensers – Ice O Matic
CD40522 55kg ICE0325 & ICE0525
CD40530 81kg ICE0305, ICE0405 & ICE0605
CD40530JF 81kg ICE0305, ICE0405 & ICE0605
  • Multiple bin tops provide an easy solution for mounting ice makers on different sized bins.
  • Polyethylene bin liner is insulated with foam for maximum ice preservation – 38mm to 76mm.
  • Perfect-fit seal for improved ice preservation.
  • Rugged, fingerprint-proof door.
  • Built-in ice scoop holders on certain models.
  • Sturdy leg design – 152mm adjustable NSF approved legs -standard.
  • Durable stainless finish.
  • Corrosion-proof bin liner.
  • Made in U.S.A

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 762 × 851 × 1353 mm


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